Water System Evaluation and Upgrades

Water System Evaluation and Upgrades


WHKS evaluated the Wanamingo drinking water system, identified deficiencies, and developed a plan to address tower conditions, quality issues, and lack of well redundancy. The City proceeded with the design and construction of three separate improvements to address these issues:

Well No. 2 Upgrades: While Well No. 2 was previously utilized only for emergency backup, it is now upgraded for consistent use. Work included construction of a new building adjacent to the existing well house, installation of chemical feed equipment, and replacement of pumps, piping, and controls.

A New 250,000-Gallon Elevated Water Tower: Construction of a new storage tower with an increased height of approximately 40 feet to provide greater water pressure within the system, eliminating the need for two inferior water storage structures.

Water Main Loop Improvements: Construction of three water main loops to increase overall fire flows, provide redundancy, remove dead ends, and improve water quality.


  • Water system evaluation
  • Water system design
  • Bidding assistance


The project replaced a 50,000-gallon downtown water tower (built in 1926) and the 137,000-gallon Mingo View fiberglass tank (built in 1993), increased water pressure 10-15 PSI throughout the City, and constructed a new well house equipped with an on-site backup generator allowing the well to pump water and chemicals into the system as needed during power outages.