Water Reclamation Facility Improvements

Water Reclamation Facility Improvements


The City of Mason City experienced significant growth in recent years; not only in population, but also with industrial expansion. Major food production industries contribute a large amount of organics to the wastewater system. Although the existing wastewater treatment facility could handle the current loadings from the City and its industries, the City took the proactive approach of expanding the facility to have adequate capacity to attract additional food production industries to town.

WHKS evaluated the existing wastewater treatment facility and determined what improvements would be needed to add capacity for future growth and meet effluent standards regulated by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. The improvements included a new intermediate clarifier and primary digester, larger sewage lift pumps, upgrades to the existing sludge thickening facilities and a new ultraviolet radiation system for disinfection of the treated wastewater prior to being discharged into the Winnebago River.

Several buildings at the treatment facility were expanded to accommodate the additional equipment. The facility expansion included the renovation of the Administration Building.

The City of Mason City funded the project primarily through a loan from the Iowa Finance Authority’s State Revolving Fund.


  • Evaluation of existing conditions
  • Building renovation
  • Facility design
  • Cost estimates
  • Construction observation and administration