Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrades

Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrades


WHKS provided design and construction engineering services for the construction of a new pretreatment building, pretreatment process equipment, associated piping and appurtenances at the wastewater treatment facility as Phase One of several future planned upgrades at the wastewater treatment facility.

The pretreatment process equipment consists of screening, grit removal, and flow monitoring equipment. The new process arrangement put both the screening and grit removal equipment ahead of the existing raw sewage pumps in order to remove screenings and grit before the pumps. The location, piping, and hydraulics of the pretreatment process connects to the recently renovated sanitary interceptor sewer at the wastewater treatment facility.

WHKS provided preliminary and final design including flows and loadings, opinions of probable construction cost, and an implementation schedule. Preliminary layouts included drawings of equipment, building footprint, and surrounding area, as well as the process and piping schematics to show how the new pretreatment process connects to the existing facility.

During final design, WHKS prepared NPDES permit modifications, MPCA construction permit application and schedules. WHKS also provided construction observation and administration services.


  • Preliminary and final structural and hydraulic process equipment design
  • Equipment and process observation and research
  • Permitting assistance
  • Construction observation and administration services