IA Highway 3/Bremer Avenue

IA Highway 3/Bremer Avenue


WHKS was the prime consultant for the reconstruction of IA 3, which is Bremer Avenue in historic downtown Waverly. The project included the reconstruction of full-width PCC pavement along the entire 28 block corridor, underground utility improvements, and updates to the sidewalk and pedestrian crossings to meet ADA requirements.

WHKS conducted a full field topographic survey to create a detailed digital model of existing features. WHKS reviewed impacts to the existing drainage and storm sewer system and existing utility systems. The storm sewer and water main were completely replaced as part of the improvements.

A traffic study analyzed traffic counts for 13 intersections along IA 3. This study included a preliminary analysis to determine lane configuration and safety, a roundabout analysis, and an evaluation of the feasibility of reducing the roadway from a four-lane arterial to a three-lane roadway.

WHKS also evaluated the complex traffic control and construction staging (14 stages), and developed cross sections and design details for roadway improvements.

As a result of the traffic study, the roadway was converted from a four-lane section to a three-lane section and involved traffic signalization upgrades. WHKS completed final roadway, traffic, drainage and utility design, prepared right-of-way acquisition documents, and participated in extensive local public involvement efforts in the City of Waverly. The project required coordination with businesses, residents, utility companies, and the railroads in the project corridor.

WHKS staff provided full-time construction inspection and administration services to the Iowa Department of Transportation.


  • Concept Statement preparation
  • Survey
  • Traffic study
  • Roundabout analysis
  • Roadway reconstruction
  • Intersection design
  • Utility and drainage design
  • ADA improvements
  • Staging and traffic control
  • Right-of-way (subconsultant)
  • Public involvement
  • Construction observation
  • Construction administration