Farmington Road Improvements

Farmington Road Improvements


WHKS provided Phase 1 and Phase 2 services for the improvement of Farmington Road near the urbanized area of West Peoria including a new intersection with Kickapoo Creek Road. 

Approximately 5,000 feet of Farmington Road was completely reconstructed on or near the existing alignment. Approximately 1,700 feet of Kickapoo Creek Road was realigned to shift the intersection with Farmington Road to the west. The reconstructed portions of Farmington Road includes an urban section with a closed storm water drainage system and a rural section with open ditch drainage. 

The Intersection Design Studies included analysis of various stop and signal conditions, a roundabout alternative at Kickapoo Creek, and a signalized intersection at Swords Avenue.

The new and reconstructed roadways, as well as the bridge, include accommodations for future pedestrian and bicycle facilities. The new intersection at Kickapoo Creek Road was raised approximately 4.5 feet, and the intersection was relocated further west to improve safety at the intersection. 

The project also included a new 4-span, 347-foot bridge carrying Farmington Road over Kickapoo Creek.  The bridge is located extremely close to the intersection of Kickapoo Creek Road and was a significant factor in the intersection design, requiring radius guardrail and non-standard approach pavements.


  • Roadway and bridge design
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Intersection Design Studies
  • Location Drainage Study
  • Project Report
  • Traffic analysis
  • Structure Geotechnical Report
  • Type, Size, and Location drawings


Because the improvements are located in a densely populated area, a traffic analysis and geometric improvement study were required. The project corridor has a history of flooding which was analyzed so that drainage improvements could be made at the same time as the roadway construction.