10th Avenue and 7th Street Roundabout

10th Avenue and 7th Street Roundabout


WHKS conducted a feasibility study and prepared an Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE) report for the construction of a roundabout at 10th Avenue NE and 7th Street NE intersection. 

The ICE report provided a detailed traffic analysis of the intersection and evaluated multiple scenarios to gather traffic volumes at various times throughout the day. With that information, WHKS was able to forecast projected traffic flow and volumes and provide recommendations for improvements to the roadways and intersections within the study area. Based on the information gathered from both studies, WHKS developed conceptual level alternatives to address existing and future deficiencies.

The City elected to pursue the roundabout at the intersection. WHKS developed plans and specifications for the roundabout, relocation of existing storm sewer and subdrain, and modified pedestrian facilities. Additional right-of-way was acquired to construct the project.

The project was a Minnesota Department of Transportation State Aid project and was designed and constructed to Minnesota Department of Transportation Standards.


  • Feasibility study
  • ICE Report
  • Roundabout, street, and utility design
  • Survey
  • Traffic analysis
  • Construction observation/administration


Conducting an ICE report at the beginning of the project allowed the City to pursue the best option in terms of longevity and construction costs to make sure challenges were addressed during the design process.