US 61 Surveys

US 61 Surveys


WHKS provided the Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) the following services for three separate projects related to US 61 improvements in Louisa County:

  • Photo Control on US 61
  • US 61 Topographic Survey north to Muscatine County Line
  • US 61 Right-of-Way Land Survey from north of IA 92 to the Muscatine County Line

As part of the scope of services, WHKS:

  • Completed a photo control survey which targeted 67 horizontal and vertical photo control points consisting of 50 new control points and 17 existing control points.
  • Performed a topographic route survey from South of IA 92 to the Muscatine County line
  • Re-established 43 section corners
  • Prepared and recorded US Public Land Survey Section Corner Certificates for each section surveyed
  • Contacted property owners
  • Prepared right-of-way acquisition plats
  • Prepared strip map
  • Extensively coordinated with District Land Surveyor and Office of Design


  • Photo control survey
  • Topographic survey
  • Right-of-way survey
  • Coordination with the District Land Surveyor and Design Bureau