US 52 Revetment and Roadway Survey

US 52 Revetment and Roadway Survey


WHKS performed revetment and topographic surveys of 17 areas along US 52. The project required extensive coordination with utility providers and landowners.

WHKS services included:

  • Topographic river and route survey along US 52
  • Topographic survey of side ditches and 32 culverts along US 52, requiring excavation due to extreme silt or rock fill obstructing the headwalls and wingwalls
  • Subsurface utility engineering survey for Quality Levels C or D locations for approximately 5.7 miles
  • Recovery of the existing centerline alignment for approximately 6.4 miles of US 52
  • Observation of 6 DTM hard shot checks on US 52 edge of roadway at each curve
  • Preparation of G-sheets showing permanent network control points and bench marks


  • Topographic route survey
  • Revetment survey
  • Utility coordination/SUE
  • Microstation and GEOPAK processing