I-80 Photo Control, Topographic, and Boundary Surveys

I-80 Photo Control, Topographic, and Boundary Surveys


WHKS performed a photo control, topographic, and boundary survey of I-80 in accordance with the Iowa Department of Transportation Specifications for Targeting Ground Control Points for Photogrammetry from approximately 1.5 miles east of IA 1 to 1.5 miles east of County Road X-30.

WHKS provided the following services:

  • T1 right-of-way land survey
  • Supplemental survey for 8.6 miles of centerline and 2.4 miles of sideroads
  • As-built centerline alignments of I-80 and F44
  • Topographic survey of 78 culverts and pipes
  • Drainage area delineation
  • Under bridge topographic survey of I-80 bridges over former Chicago Rock Island and Pacific Railroad
  • Photo control survey
  • Processing of GPS observations and creating an ASCII format photo control coordinate file and site log
  • Property research and landowner coordination


  • Photo control survey
  • Route survey
  • Right of way survey
  • Property owner research and contacts
  • Office processing