Bathymetric and Topographic Survey for Silver Lake and Cascade Lake

Bathymetric and Topographic Survey for Silver Lake and Cascade Lake


WHKS completed bathymetric and topographic surveys of six NRCS reservoirs and two lakes in Rochester.

Prior to conducting the field work, a detailed survey plan was developed. WHKS established survey benchmarks and identified access points and routes for field staff.

The first phase of field work consisted of the land-side survey to establish localized survey control and gather topographic information along the lake/reservoir shoreline, including the current water surface elevation. This information was used to calibrate the bathymetric survey equipment and to link the bathymetric survey data to the existing land surface contours.

The second phase of field work included bathymetric and sediment depth surveys conducted concurrently. WHKS utilized the BSS+ Sediment Mapping System, which is specifically designed to map water and sediment depths in shallow water bodies.

The surveys defined the amount and depth of sediments throughout each of the water bodies and used NAVD88 datum consistent with USACE standards. Data post processing used a variety of specialized software packages including HYPACK, ESRI ArcGIS, and AutoCAD/Civil 3D.

WHKS prepared a summary report and submitted it to the City.


  • Bathymetric survey
  • Topographic survey
  • Report preparation