Gear Street Reconstruction

Gear Street Reconstruction


WHKS designed pavement and utility improvements to Gear Street, allowing it to be used as a detour route during planned improvements to US 20. The project was funded through the Illinois Department of Transportation (Illinois DOT).

The project included:

  • Reconstruction of pavement section and replacement with new asphalt, including vertical profile changes
  • Geometric improvements at intersections
  • Addition of curb and gutter and storm sewer improvements
  • Driveway and sidewalk access improvements and adjustments to existing properties
  • Storm sewer improvements
  • Water main reconstruction and adjustments
  • Final landscaping and restoration of disturbed surfaces
  • Construction of new sidewalk in the rural section

The project was designed and constructed in accordance with Illinois DOT Standards.


  • Supplemental survey
  • Street, utility, and geometric design
  • Storm sewer design
  • Illinois DOT coordination
  • Permitting
  • Cost estimates
  • Utility coordination
  • Construction observation and administration