Wagon Wheel Trail and Trail Bridge

Wagon Wheel Trail and Trail Bridge


The Wagon Wheel Trail Bridge was constructed as part of a multi-phase trail project with the goal of linking four state trails,  allowing access to the Minnesota River Trail system, and connecting the cities of La Crescent, MN and La Crosse, WI, which sit on opposite sides of the river.

Phase 3 of the Wagon Wheel trail features a truss bridge structure with a 10-foot-wide shared use path complete with a decorative steel arch.

With the bridge being wedged between two city streets and above a highway with an existing storm water detention pond, WHKS determined that a circular ramp spiraling down between the streets and encircling the detention pond was the best design option. Using 3D modeling, the bridge was designed and constructed to meet all regulatory requirements.

The walking ramp was designed with expansion joints that allows the structure to move without damage to help minimize structural damage during the winter months.

The Wagon Wheel Trail Pedestrian Bridge project was the recipient of a 2023 ACEC/MN Engineering Excellence Award Competition and was awarded the Grand Prize Winner (First Place).


  • Survey
  • Planning
  • Trail and pedestrian bridge design
  • Construction services
  • Grant application assistance


The pedestrian bridge provides safe passage across Highway 14/61 and is an integral element of the Wagon Wheel trail with access to the Mississippi River Trail system. The trail system connects the City of La Crescent, MN and the City of La Crosse, WI, creating new social and economic opportunities for both communities and promoting tourism.