Trail and Bridge Inspection and Maintenance Recommendations

Trail and Bridge Inspection and Maintenance Recommendations


WHKS conducted field inspection of hard-surfaced trails (47 miles) and trail bridges (40) for Polk County Conservation.

The trails were visually assessed and the pavement was rated using the PASER (Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating) system, identifying defects such as safety, drainage, embankment and vegetation. Pavement rating maps were developed using data collected during the inspection.

The trail bridges were inspected in accordance with Iowa DOT, AASHTO, and FHWA guidelines. Bridge inspection reports were created and submitted in the Iowa DOT Structural Inventory and Inspection Management System (SIIMS) for each bridge on the National Bridge Inventory or as required by the Iowa DOT.

A summary report for the trails and a Supplementary Bridge Inspection Report was prepared that outlined the recommendations for maintenance, repairs, and construction costs.


The trail and bridge inspections reassured Polk County leaders that the trail system was in good condition and that residents and visitors can continue enjoying the great outdoors.


  • Site visit
  • Bridge inspection
  • Data collection
  • Summary report