Ongoing Sanitary Sewer System Design and Rehabilitation Projects

Ongoing Sanitary Sewer System Design and Rehabilitation Projects


WHKS completed a five-year comprehensive public and private sector program to inventory sewer conditions city-wide. A 12- year Capital Improvement Plan identified methods for Inflow and Infiltration (I/I) elimination, costs, and schedules to address system defects.

Since 2007, WHKS has completed numerous rehabilitation projects, including:

Sanitary Sewer Design/Rehabilitation Projects

  • Sanitary trunk main improvements
  • Sanitary sewer extension, reroutes, and point repairs
  • CIPP lining
  • Manhole replacement and rehabilitation

CDBG Disaster Recovery Sanitary Sewer Improvements

Replaced nearly a mile of pipe (4,672 L.F.) and rehabilitated another seven miles of pipe (37,204 L.F.) by cured-in-place lining. The project also replaced 22 manholes and rehabilitated 118 manholes.

Delaware Sewer Reroute

Rerouted and rehabilitated the existing sanitary sewer trunk main located on Delaware Avenue and Federal Avenue (IA Highway 122) in downtown Mason City. The reroute abandoned a section of sanitary sewer that was in poor condition, contributed to inflow/infiltration into the collection system, and was difficult to access for maintenance.


  • Topographic survey
  • Sanitary sewer design
  • Permitting applications
  • Funding application assistance
  • Construction administration and observation services