Silver Eagle Campground

Silver Eagle Campground


Frentress Lake is a 92-acre backwater lake on the east side of the Mississippi River in East Dubuque, Illinois. The area is a popular recreation and commerce center and boasts facilities for camping, boating, fine dining, and is home to several businesses and residences along the lake. The area has been revitalized since it was formerly the home of a riverboat gambling operation, the Silver Eagle, in the 1990s.

Frentress Lake Marine Center is the hub of activity within the development. The owners of the facility have developed the area into the 93-site Silver Eagle Campground. In addition to survey and base mapping, WHKS provided site and utility design to serve the new development, which included paved roads and parking areas.

Because of the location of the campground in relation to the waterways, the project required coordination and joint permitting with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and the US Army Corps of Engineers.


  • Survey
  • Site design
  • Utility design (water, sanitary sewer)
  • Permitting assistance