East Village 2nd Subdivision

East Village 2nd Subdivision


The East Village subdivision is a multi-phase residential development that houses both single and multi-family residential lots. WHKS is providing site design for public and private improvements which includes 60 acres being divided into residential lots.

The project includes construction of a roadway, bike path, site grading, and installation of utilities including storm sewer and sub-drain sewer. WHKS has prepared hydraulic reports for storm sewer system as well as Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans.

  • Phase 1 included 58 lots completed in 2018
  • Phase 2 included 47 lots completed in 2020

East Village is planned for 5 phases of development.


  • Site design
  • Topographic survey
  • Platting
  • Hydraulic Report
  • Stormwater management
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan
  • Construction observation and administration