Forensic Engineering

Forensic Engineering Services

WHKS & Co. applies engineering principles and techniques to investigate and analyze failures, determine root causes of accidents, and provide expert opinions. When infrastructure is impacted by accidents, weather, human error, or other
tragic events, WHKS is available to assist in determining the severity of the issues and recommending potential solutions. Our team conducts site visits, completes condition assessments, identifies repair or replacement solutions, and may provide expert witness testimony. Under the guidance of professional engineers, WHKS can provide design services, prepare cost estimates, and review contractor quotes.


Forensic engineering services play a critical role in understanding mistakes, defects, and failures that lead to accidents and disasters, and help to improve safety, prevent future incidents, and provide accurate assessments for legal proceedings. This
includes issues related to buildings, bridges, streets and roadways, water and wastewater plants, underground utilities, and
other infrastructure.

Civil and Infrastructure Failures


When issues occur, WHKS staff can investigate whether the cause was due to design, construction, human error, or supplier/manufacturer defects.


Engineers will review and evaluate design, construction, and incident information, materials, and maintenance practices.


Using the data collected, WHKS staff will identify factors contributing to failure, including catastrophic events.


WHKS staff will use their technical expertise and experience to summarize findings in an easy-to-understand format.

Expertise/Service Areas:

  • Storm damage/flooding
  • Water/wastewater systems and equipment
  • Streets, roadways, and trails
  • Bridges and structures
  • Drainage
  • Embankments, foundations, slope stability
  • Condition assessments
  • Construction defects, disputes, accidents

Litigation Support

WHKS engineers are prepared to provide expert opinions and testimony in legal proceedings and to present their findings, analysis, and conclusions to help legal parties understand technical aspects of the case.

Civil and Infrastructure Failures

The Trifecta.

In every case, WHKS Staff will use proven engineering principles, investigative techniques, and technical analysis to deliver results.

Organize. Review. Digest.

When time is of the essence, WHKS staff can process background documentation quickly and efficiently.

Thorough, But to the Point.

WHKS staff will communicate clearly and concisely, both verbally and in writing, using easy-to-understand terminology for a non-technical audience.

Your Trusted Partners.

Our staff are able to assist counsel with reviewing and drafting written discovery, preparing for depositions related to engineering principles, producing technical reports that require minimal review and editing, and creating professional exhibits for trial.

Client Testimonials

“Our firm retained WHKS for expert witness/litigation support services in connection with our defense of a delay claim on a multi-year, multi-million construction project. The fighting issues in the case were very technical from an engineering and construction standpoint. WHKS digested voluminous documentation, conducted targeted and practical investigations and analyses, and communicated their conclusions clearly, concisely, and in layman’s terms under challenging time constraints. In short, WHKS helped us “tame the beast”. As a direct result of WHKS’s efforts, we achieved an extremely favorable outcome. We will not hesitate to call on WHKS again.”

– Litigator

“Our organization contracted with WHKS to provide their expertise during a difficult situation with a contractor. WHKS went above and beyond to ensure the project moved forward, and they supported us through a complicated lawsuit. We recommend WHKS to any organization in need of forensic engineering services.”

– Business Owner

“Our agency values the partnership and trust we have built with WHKS staff over the many years of working together. It’s always good to rely on a consultant that can deliver quality work, be responsive, and communicate effectively. WHKS has performed exceptionally with technical support and assistance with litigation and potential litigation. We appreciate their willingness to come through for us in a pinch to provide unique services.”

– State Agency Representatives

Additional references available upon request.