I-80 Rest Stop Area

I-80 Rest Stop Area


WHKS was part of the multi-disciplined project team for the construction of a new rest area off Westbound I-80 in Jasper County.

The rest area building and parking area were reconstructed within the same general project limits as the original site. WHKS established design criteria and developed conceptual design alternatives for the exit ramps, rest area parking, sidewalks, picnic areas, and building site grading.

WHKS also provided structural design for the rest area building. The theme of the building is a tribute to century farms in the area. The building is in the shape of a clerestory window barn with an open concept with natural lighting. The roof is supported by glulam framing. To keep an open feel, WHKS structural engineers designed “trusses” composed of large glulam beams with steel tension rods over the bathroom areas. 2 – 36” x 8 ½” glulam beams are used to support the roof in the main lobby with one of the beams spanning over 45 feet. The building has precast hollow core concrete panels on the first floor and patio to maximize vertical clearance in the basement.


  • Conceptual planning
  • Site design
  • Structural design
  • Construction administration