Center Street Bridge Replacement

Center Street Bridge Replacement


WHKS provided roadway, bridge, hydraulic design, and permitting application assistance for a three-span (36′, 50′, 36′), continuous superstructure consisting of 21″ deep, steel wide flange beams at 5′-10″ spacing. 

A study compared costs and impacts of a profile grade raise to accommodate clearance for high water effects. WHKS assisted the City in obtaining the necessary design waivers to utilize the profile grade to limit project cost and impacts.

The shallow beams for the structure were selected in conjunction with the span lengths to limit any grade raise. The structures are founded on pile bent abutment and piers with steel piling.

Project plans, specifications, and estimates were prepared in accordance with Illinois Department of Transportation Standards.


  • Bridge and roadway design
  • Topographic and hydraulic survey
  • Hydraulic design and analysis
  • Bridge Condition Report
  • Preliminary Bridge Design and Hydraulic Report
  • USACE permitting assistance
  • Sour Coding Report
  • Project Development Report
  • Environmental documentation
  • Phase 3 assistance


The beams for the bridge are hot-dipped galvanized and is a jointless, integral structure which will minimize future maintenance for the City.